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Remember the middle and high school years? Awkward at best, right? The attempts to fit in, constant self-doubt and the seemingly endless wave of hormonal changes turned our lives upside down! Looking back, those were challenging years, but times we will always remember. Today’s world seems different for kids in this age group; they have more than ever to deal with. From friendship drama, social media concerns, feeling out of place, and dealing with family struggles; it’s no wonder they are facing tougher decisions than ever. What if today’s kids could have their own personal coaches in their corner every step of the way? A mentor, cheerleader, and resource for times when they need it the most. This is where the Confidence Coaches 4 Kids comes in.

We utilize social media platforms, creating engaging reels and videos, to support middle school students with their mindset. Recently, we published a book that guides student’s through adolescence titled The Puzzle of You: Connecting Yourself a Piece at a Time During the Teen Years. We are currently in the writing process of our next book which focuses on integrating SEL within academic instruction for educators.We also provide a bi-monthly blog for educators to learn strategies that will help to build strong relationships with students. 

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