We are long time educators working to build and support the mindset and confidence of kids. Our goal is to help create healthy mindset habits in students around the world. We believe this starts with educators, in the unique position to influence and empower kids.

Assisting kids in the development of these habits allows them to embrace the growth that comes from both success and failure. As students learn the skills of self-reflection, resilience and the power of their voice, they will be led on a happier and healthier journey along the road of life.

We are dedicated to serving students, families and educators as they navigate the often unpredictable ride of adolescence.


Christa Pruss

Christa Pruss has been an educator for over 19 years, having taught kindergarten, first, fifth and sixth grades at Jackson Elementary School in Hillsboro, Oregon. Christa holds a Master's degree in education from the University of Denver, after receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Southern Oregon University.


Even as a seven-year-old, Christa knew she wanted to be a teacher determined to make sure every student felt like a valued member of a learning community. After a few years of teaching, she realized her true passion lies in supporting students with a confident mindset. Christa believes kids need to feel empowered to be the best versions of themselves by the adults in their lives.


Christa lives with her long-time educator, husband, Nate, and their three children, Isabelle, Katelyn and Jeffrey. They enjoy traveling as a family, having completed multiple cross-country road trips, just shy of visiting all 50 states!

Kasia Gutierrez

Kasia Gutierrez has been an educator for the last sixteen years, having worked as a teacher for grades second through sixth, an instructional coach, and currently serves as the principal at Jackson Elementary School in Hillsboro, Oregon. Kasia holds a Master in Teaching and Administrative Credentials from George Fox University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Portland State University. 


Before becoming a teacher, Kasia worked in human resources, but through teaching a third-grade Sunday school class, she realized her true passion for working with children. Originally from Northeast Oregon, Kasia grew up in a family where, at times, money and resources were scarce. This conflict left Kasia feeling insecure, however, there were key teachers who saw the good in her and communicated the belief they saw in her potential. This impact transformed Kasia's thinking, and why she believes in the power of mindset and the influence empowering adults can make in kids' lives, because she herself is a product of it.


Kasia lives with her husband, Jay and their two sons, Jackson and Carter. When not working, she is an avid reader of children's literature and personal development books.