Balance Over Burnout

Congratulations! You are ready to jump into a new school year. You have your intention focused, all the Target decorations up, and reams of Astro Bright paper at your disposal. You are pumped full of caffeine and ready to rock it! The enthusiasm you have is infectious and you and your colleagues are sharing awesome ideas and resources to get ready. You are fired up and ready to serve kids.

Wouldn’t it be great to continue this excited energy and momentum throughout the year? Absolutely! However, what typically happens is, before you know it, you are focusing all your time and energy in your professional role as an educator, and suddenly, your other roles and relationships suffer. “But our kids need us! They deserve this passion and commitment!” Yes…. AND so do your family and friends. YOU also deserve a healthy commitment to yourself.

Think about our last post: What is your intention or framework for the year? Lets focus on how to integrate that framework with balance, and avoid burnout. There are many researchers and educators who've written full books on balance. According to the authors of Balance Like a Pirate”- there are four areas or “Balance Quadrants.” Or maybe you’ve seen Hope King’s “Priority Wheel.” The overall theme of any productivity or balance book out there, is you have to attend to ALL your roles and goals, but not necessarily in an equal way at all times. Seasons of life mean you will focus more or less in a given area at different times. The important thing is you actually focus on each area of your life consistently, no matter the season. Here are some questions to help you get clarity on the areas of your life that need to be in balance:

My intention for my students in 21/22 is ________________.

The important roles I have in my personal life are _______________.

My professional role or title is _____________.

An area I want to grow in my professional role is ____________________.

A passion I have (something that brings me joy and feeds my creative soul) is ____________.

We love the work of the authors of Balance like a Pirate. Although we wholeheartedly agree with many of the ideas and thoughts, our understanding of the roles and areas that need to be in balance is a little different. We see the 4 areas needing to be balanced as: Personal; Professional; Growth; and Passions. While these areas tend to overlap at times, here is a brief explanation of each area:

Personal: All the roles you have NOT connected to your profession. (Parent; Spouse; Friend; Sibling; etc.)

Professional: The title/role you have in your profession. (Teacher; Principal; Counselor; Assistant).

Growth: This is the area focused on continuing to learn to be the best version of yourself in your role. Examples include attending conferences, taking classes, and reading or listening to podcasts- This area often gets avoided or put off due to time constraints. The thing is, when we pay attention to this area, we become more passionate in our professional role, and opportunities come our way.

Passions: In our opinion, self care and passions are essential to support us in ALL our roles we value. Our personal and professional roles are areas we support others. It's our growth and passion areas where we support ourselves. You HAVE to feed your soul. Passions connect to your social, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Don’t underestimate the importance of this area in your life.

What is your plan to be balanced this year? Is there someone in your life you can turn to for help with accountability? Which area is most hard for you to prioritize? Setting a goal to focus on each of these areas EVERY WEEK, will help you attain balance. Let’s do this!

Confidence Coaches 4 Kids are educational consultants. To serve students, we support educators in the following areas: Effectively building trusting relationships; and Integration of Social and Emotional Learning in all content areas; and Engaging instructional strategies.

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