Celebrations and Gratitude

Just as we attempt to focus on the positive and look for the good in kids, it’s important to do this for ourselves too. Oftentimes, we tend to get stuck on the hard stuff in life, and miss out on the amazing blessings that come our way. More often than not, when we begin to focus on looking for the good, we tend to see it more and more. This has been our recent experience as educators, focused on integrating and embedding social emotional learning throughout academics.

First, we are so grateful for the educators in our lives committed to the work of supporting the whole child. In particular, our friend @joyfullyjulie is a MASTER at supporting mindset and confidence in kids. Over the last weeks, she created a Math Mindset Bootcamp, in which she successfully ran her 3rd graders through various math tasks, intentionally focusing on questioning connected to self awareness and self management. Engagement was off the charts, and EVERY SINGLE student showed tremendous growth on their final STAR math assessment. When was the last time you had 100% of students show impressive growth on an assessment? This is such a powerful win for the integration of SEL in academics, and we are celebrating our friend and the students she supports.

We aren’t the only educators who see value in this work. In October, we released our book, The Puzzle of You; Connecting Yourself a Piece at a Time During the Teen Years. We are so grateful for the educators in our lives who have read our book, and are cheering us on throughout this journey. This week, we received word that our book was accepted as a supplemental resource for the school district we work in. This means local educators in our school district read the book, and went through the formal process of nominating it for use for ALL upper elementary and middle school students in our community. We are humbled and thankful to provide our resources to support our local students, positively impacting their mindset and confidence.

There are additional things we can celebrate in this post, like our collaboration with the South Carolina Department of Education, or our wonderful friend who was recently promoted to an assistant superintendent position. The point is, when you take time to look for the good, and celebrate the wins, they seem to keep coming your way. As we move into the last month of school, don’t forget to look for the good. Look for it in your students, and look for it in your colleagues. This work is difficult and emotional, so share your gratitude with others. Gratitude changes everything.

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