Embracing a VALUE Mindset: Validate your Experiences

With all the focus on the importance of social emotional learning in education, why does it still feel so difficult to integrate this key area of learning? From our perspective, we are focusing mostly on how to support kids, but really we need the support as educators too. This starts with understanding our VALUE in our profession. Not easy when there are many naysayers out there, and it feels like we are targeted at times for not doing enough. How do we move forward? Well, we can't model what we don't do ourselves. We think it starts with self-awareness; the same thing we want to support in our students.

We had the opportunity to hear Glo Atanmo, @glographics share her story as a creative educator and entrepreneur. Glo uses the word VALUE as an acronym to explain her focus, effort and motivation with creating content that inspires others. This is what we do daily in our role as educators! We can't lead our students if we don't understand what drives us, as we pay attention to what we need, and self-reflect about our practice.

This week let's focus on V: VALIDATE your experiences and your students' experiences.

What loss, trauma or experiences are you working to overcome?

What have you had to grieve in the last two years regarding your job?

Are there new experiences this year that you are struggling to deal with?

Where do you see yourself as an educator in 6 months? 1 year? 5 years?

Which area of teaching are you still feeling successful in?

There are more than enough memes to choose from to represent our experiences since COVID became part of our lives in 2020, and who doesn’t love a meme to laugh a little at our crazy reality? For this exercise, let's go deeper than the memes offer. Dig into the discomfort and uncertainty to acknowledge the experiences we’ve had as educators on the frontlines. Our experiences help shape who we are, and our emotions drive many of our decisions. Taking time to validate them helps us to begin to move forward. Let's lean into our journey as educators to lead and inspire, as we integrate self reflection into our practice.

Confidence Coaches 4 Kids are educational consultants. To serve students, we support educators in the following areas: Effectively building trusting relationships; and Integration of Social and Emotional Learning in all content areas; and Engaging instructional strategies.

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