Finish Strong to Be Ready to Start Strong

As Spring Break has concluded for many of us this school year, we are hoping you all are feeling refreshed and rejuvenated to finish strong. A colleague said to us “When you finish strong, you set yourself up to start strong in the fall.” So, let’s continue to support one another in our educator community to keep our eye on the prize…finishing strong, staying calm and present, and ready to enjoy summer vacation.

We are huge believers in the power of optimism, and how thinking positively is an intentional choice. This choice has the ability to dramatically change your life for the better. When we fall into the complaining trap with colleagues, our focus is taken away from the important work of supporting kids. Does this mean we can’t be frustrated and problem solve with a teammate? Nope. It just means you can’t stay stuck in the negativity. You have to have a plan to move forward.

So, what do you need to work towards being your best self with an optimistic mindset? Sleep? Exercise? Eating healthier? Taking vitamins? Meditating? Sending positive notes home to students and families? Reading books for pleasure rather than scrolling online before bed? A glass of wine and a movie? Talking with a trusted confidant? What is your thing? What can you do to help your mind and body spend more time in a calming state? Because when we put the effort into doing so, we are working to be better everyday. When we are our best selves, we are able to support our students to their fullest potential.

You may be thinking this is easier said than done. You are correct! Here are a few strategies we use to help flip the switch from negative to positive and work to finish strong::

  • Find your person: The person you can talk to that listens, understands, and extends encouragement.

  • Focus on gratitude: Start with finding 3 things you’re grateful for. Big or small things work. Good hair days, a rocking dinner, or a special friend in your life, are a great start to getting out of a funk.

  • Stay student centered: They are the reason you got into teaching. Get the focus off you and your frustrations, and focus on the mission of supporting kids.

Hopefully, by using these strategies, your heart and mind will feel a little lighter, and you can be fully present for your students. Look for the good in this crazy rewarding profession to finish strong, setting yourself up to begin strong in the fall.

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