The Puzzle of You Book Launch

Dear CC4K Readers,

First, we want to take some time to express our true gratitude to you all. We have a strong passion for supporting students, as well as teachers, and we believe in the power of relationship building between them. We appreciate that you take time to read our thoughts and ideas, and share yours as well. We love engaging in conversations when our paths cross. We want to thank you for being “our people.”

As many of you know, we recently self-published our first book. The Puzzle of You: Connecting Yourself a Piece at a time During the Teen Years in late October. Each time we see it on Amazon, we are in disbelief, and extremely proud. It’s been quite the journey to identify our thoughts and values, organize them, and transform it all into a book. We actually did it! We owe a big thank you to Liz Schreiter for her incredible design skills and ability to bring our vision to life. To our colleagues Julie McClain, Kellie Petrick and Brook Nova, thank you for taking time to read and provide feedback on our writing, when it was still in it’s very rough form.

Today, we are reaching out, in hope that you would be willing to share our work with others. Parents, educators, youth leaders, and students, can all benefit from focusing on social emotional needs while navigating the uncertainty of adolescence. We believe in creating a community to help our tweens and teens feel seen, heard and valued. They need to learn the skills to cope with difficult situations and emotions, as they work to figure out their identity and needs as individuals. Let’s create this community together and watch our young adults grow into healthy and confident people.

For those of you local to Hillsboro Oregon, we invite you to our book launch and signing party on a Saturday very soon. The opportunity to celebrate with our community is one we are extremely grateful to experience. For friends far away, we will be posting pictures and videos on social media, so you can enjoy the event.

Thanks again for supporting Confidence Coaches 4 Kids!


Kasia Gutierrez & Christa Pruss

P.S. Thank you again for your support and sharing our book with others!

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