VALUE: Earn From What You Learned

Let's wrap up our VALUE mindset series. Like we often say, the work we do as educators is heart work. Heart work requires us to hone in on our values, to help us prioritize what's most important in this work for each of us. So, what does the E represent in value? Earn from what you learn!

Throughout this process we've validated the experiences of ourselves and students while adjusting our perspectives. We've lost ourselves in the process of our learning as we unpack our insecurities as educators. Now it is time to earn; earn from all that we have learned. Adopting a value mindset takes vulnerability and reflection. The intentional time we've taken on this journey positively influences other areas of our lives as well.

We are in a place to better understand the needs of our students. We are able to think creatively and out of the box about instruction. We are open to change, collaboration, and partnership with our students. We recently read Cornelius Minor’s book We Got This where he says, “Creating a space where kids feel safe means that we must create a space where we share power. One can let go of power without letting go of control.” This is how we engage students. This is how we include their voices. This is how we build relationships. Our relationships are a major part of what is earned in the E. Relationships support trust, perseverance, emotional regulation, growth, and much more that leads to success for all stakeholders.

Adopting a value mindset helps drive our decisions as teachers which impact our students. We recently began taking a course through the Yale Institute of Emotional Intelligence, and one of the main components is developing a charter as a team. We used our value mindset to decide what feelings we want to feel most when we are at school each day. It is not easy narrowing down just a few feelings among a group of educators. As a team, we engaged in each part of a value mindset to be able to focus on our collective decision. Again, this was not easy, but it was worth the time and effort.

As we continue to address the challenges of this school year, be careful not to get sucked into the negativity. Take time to remind yourself of your VALUE. Anytime we work on one area of ourselves it usually positively influences other areas. Let’s make our schools feel better. Let’s work together to support each other in feeling good. Let’s strive to make our schools the place our students want to be.

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