vaLue Mindset: Lose Yourself in the Process

So, how’s your reflection around validating and adjusting your perspective going? For us, working to develop a value mindset has proven to be more challenging than we anticipated.Our hearts have felt heavy, and our wheels continue to turn through the night. As we work to validate our own experiences, we are also feeling what we call “June tired,” and it’s only February. We understand validating our feelings and worries is essential, so we can be in a position to do the same for our students. So rather than expect perfection from ourselves, we try to focus on reflection and progress.

Academics, student relationships, social emotional learning, routines, and district expectations are components of the everyday experience of educators.

How do you fit it all in?

Is it working for us?

Is it working for our students?

What if we focus on what is most important right now?

This will likely be different for each of us. For us, and the students we serve, the need for connection with students is what is needed most.

So what comes next in this mindset journey? L! Losing yourself in the process. Begin with remembering your why for education. Think about the needs of yourself and your students and LOSE YOURSELF in the process of tweeking, adjusting, reshaping, collaborating, learning and persevering. You are doing more than trying, you are building change. This creates a feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious because the path is unknown. Believe in yourself and the power you have to connect to students.

Your efforts will leave lasting impacts on yourself and your students. Your efforts will strengthen your relationships and connections with students. Your efforts will refill your empty cups.

What do you have to lose? Dive into it. Have fun. Let your creativity flow. Find others to collaborate and chat with. Build on ideas. Get lost in the journey and enjoy your surroundings. The students will ultimately benefit from your action.

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