Value Mindset- Unpack our Insecurities

As we work on adopting a value mindset, let’s reflect on our journey so far. We began with VALIDATING our experiences. We Reflected and acknowledged how far we've come and what has led to where we are now as educators. We continued with ADJUSTING our perspective. We are rethinking and reimaging what we've traditionally done in our classrooms. We’ve been collaborating with one another to think creatively around delivery of instruction, integrating social emotional learning, and bringing relative content into our classrooms. Which led us to LOSE ourselves in the process. How many rabbit holes did you end up down while reimaging content? We definitely got lost in the creativity, and had to refocus on one area at a time. Each rabbit hole brought more inspiration, so it was totally worth the time. Now, we UNPACK our insecurities.

There’s no mistaking it, this is hard! While much of our inspiration comes from our teacher gram community, at times our confidence gets shaky. Remember, the quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy?” Well, we have to remind ourselves of this regularly. We are not in competition with our colleagues or other educators looking to make a difference in student lives; we are in community with them. There is room for all of us, and we are all needed in this work. Taking time to acknowledge our insecurities also allows us the opportunity to develop stronger connections with colleagues and students. Being honest and vulnerable makes us more approachable, relatable, and authentic. With true authenticity comes community.

As we consider striving to obtain a value mindset, we will be pushed outside our comfort zone, leading us to feel exposed. It's certain we will try new things and they will bomb. Or they might just need more time and tweaks before they are successful. In this season, the mantra of “Progress over perfection” will get you through the tough times.

Be aware, others will have criticism or suggestions. At times you’ll take them as personal insults, and it can deflate your momentum. Just assume you are enough, and take them as coaching. Don’t let insecurities interfere with the work you are capable of, and the work you know your students need.

True change begins in our hearts. We have to do the heart work of reflection, before we can do the headwork of action.

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