Middle and high school can be tough and awkward.


Attempts to fit in, self doubt struggles, and a seemingly endless wave of developmental and social changes can turn your life upside down.


If you are dealing with friendship drama, feeling out of place, experiencing family struggles, or having difficulty making decisions, this book is for you!


The authors, Kasia and Christa, are here to be your own personal coaches every step of the way, as you journey through your tween and teen years.

The Puzzle of You is an interactive book with personal stories, self reflection opportunities, and a game plan for navigating teen life.


Readers will learn practical strategies connected to CASEL’s 5 Social-emotional Learning Competencies:

  • self-awareness,

  • self-management,

  • social-awareness,

  • relationship skills and

  • responsible decision making.


This book is a must read for thriving in the formative years. 


The Puzzle of You is found exclusively on Amazon.